Welcome to the Hyndburn Scallywag

Hello and welcome to the Scallywag Magazine -  for “Hyndburn and the Surrounding Areas”.

This vital, informative, community based magazine is your resource for keeping up to date of local activites/ events and businesses within and around Hyndburn.  In fact we are proud to say that the magazine has become a ‘parenting bible’, particularly with the Diary Pages – being described by one mum as ‘ being the central part of the magazine’.

We try to incorporate as much informative news as we can, deriving from local schools, nurseries, Dance Schools, Art and Craft centres, outdoor activity businesses, Mums and Toddler groups, Musical Tuition services, Healing and Nutritional Services and multi – regional business services, to name but a few…

Our recent distribution saw the Scallywag magazine distribute nearly 7000 copies.  These were delivered to our advertisers, local primary schools, children’s centres, pharmacies, garages, libraries, in fact anywhere where families go to on a regular basis.

Editor Regina Jane, mother to teenage girls, admits that she really enjoy the challenges/opportunities that taking part in this new venture brings. ” It’s been a complete career change for me, from previously working within education to grasping the new concept of marketing and publishing”.

She gets a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction in knowing the difference, made to parents/careers and business alike who, have already forwarded some positive constructive comments about this ‘little handy magazine’.

“I am proud to say, that this magazine is a terrific advertising medium for local businesses, as it gives them a chance to promote their services and products  within the area at an affordable cost. Our many regular advertisers are proof that it works for them!”

Scallywag Hyndburn ” Your family community Magazine”!! 

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