My other job

I am older than I look (or should that be ‘feel’?) so I can remember a time before computers. The first computer I saw was wheeled into my maths class at school, on a huge trolley. We were allowed to look but only the A level students were ever allowed to touch. Since then, as computers have become a bigger and bigger part of our lives I have found myself drawn to their orderliness; the way they store all my correspondence, answer all my questions and present information clearly. I always wanted to use their capabilities as fully as I could so, when I started to put together the first Scallymag, learning how to use Desktop Publishing software was an exciting step. It is now a part of the job I love.

That is why I agreed to do the design, layout and publishing for other businesses and it has now become my second part-time job. This week I have been doing the design and layout work for another Scallywag magazine plus starting to put together a programme for a weekend event taking place in my town in April. I have also finalised some publicity posters and flyers for a local theatre group. An exciting skill I would never have found had I not been a Scallymag Editor.

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